Greg Mort - LIGHT water+stone - New Paintings by Greg Mort Collection

LIGHT Water + Stone Exhibition

Open Reception - Saturday March 30th, 12 to 3 PM.

203 High Street Chestertown, MD 21620


Thoughts from Greg Mort

With each exhibition, an artist strives to explore and discover

an unfamiliar set of parameters or inspirations. LIGHT Water + Stone has offered a most thought-provoking and rewarding challenge. The pure simplicity and distillation of the concept demand extreme focus and scrutiny. Subtleties take on greater importance even rising to the level of the sublime.

The LIGHT Water + Stone paintings have come to life with each watercolor presenting itself in a dreamlike mode. I strive for each image to balance on the very edge of the elements of pure

light and at the same time feel a connection or cohesiveness drawn from my favorite subjects in vivo. My quest is to understand the multitude of infinite tones and nearly imperceptible colors that dwell in what we often describe as the colorless pigment "white". Every painting seeks a full understanding of the play between shadow and transparency as well as direct and reflected light in this understated realm.

With each new image, my subconscious is now able to reveal the once invisible apparent form, which is paramount and equally profound and focus on the more elusive refinements. The final quest: to paint the invisible elements of Light. My hope is that the Water Light +Stone collection unveils this interplay in a universe that is confined but in its own way infinite. It is, as it should be, an experiment in perception, a quest for revelation and a sojourn into the heart of human emotion.

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The Camden Yacht Club will open the 2018 Sunset Seminar Series on Wednesday, July 11 at 7:PM with artists Greg Mort and Jon Mort who will reflect on the powerful influence Maine’s natural wonders and mysteries have had on their artistic development.This father and son artistic duo work together in their Port Clyde summer studio but each creates in a very separate universe.

Greg Mort is a widely recognized American contemporary artist whose unmistakably modern creations have the classic feel of the Dutch Masters juxtaposed with startlingly modern designs. His signature images combine his twin passions for science and nature. Founding The Art of Stewardship Project (TAOS) he took this effort to a higher level, encouraging other artists to use their talents to collaborate and support environmental organizations.

Mort’s artwork is in many prominent collections including the Smithsonian, National Gallery of Art, Boston Museum of Science, Delaware Art Museum, Farnsworth Museum,
Academy Art Museum, Portland Museum of Art, Brandywine River Museum
and the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum. The United States

Department of State’s Art in Embassies program has selected many of his paintings for their cultural diplomacy efforts including an exhibition at The White House. Mort’s artwork has been exhibited in over one hundred museum and gallery shows around the world.

Millennial artist Jon Mort has received broad acclaim for his startlingly realistic colored pencil and large-scale graphite images and is also a
highly sought-after portrait artist. Captivated by design and drawing since childhood, Jon received Fine Art and Classics degrees from Franklin and Marshall College and his Masters in Architecture from the Rhode Island School of Design

Jon’s creations have been shown in exhibitions at the Phillips
Museum, the Portsmouth Museum of Art, and recently in a one-person exhibition titled “Living Legends” at the Sandy Spring Museum in Maryland. He has participated in twenty one-person or group museum and gallery exhibitions. His 2017–18 winter show “New Horizons” at Somerville Manning Gallery is featured in November 2017 American Art Collector Magazine.

This presentation is the 1st in a series of 8 hosted by the Camden Yacht Club and is
free of charge and open to the public. Donations at the door will be gratefully accepted, to benefit the non-profit Camden Area Youth Seamanship Program (CAYSP). For more information, please contact the CYC office at 207-236-7033 or visit our web site:

68 Bay View Street, Camden, Maine 04843 • 207-236-7033 •

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American Art Collector Mag by Greg Mort Collection

American Art Collector Magazine features the work of artists Greg Mort and Jon Mort in their November 2017 issue.  Father and son artists will present their latest creations in NEW HORIZONS at the historic Somerville Manning Gallery on the Brandywine River.

Breck’s Mill, 2nd Floor
101 Stone Block Row
Greenville, DE 19807
P 302.652.0271
F 302.652.1946

Somerville Manning Gallery is wheelchair-accessible
Visitors with special needs are encouraged to call in advance

Gallery Hours:

Tuesday – Saturday, 10 am – 5 pm

Or by appointment 

Greg Mort’s eARTh: The Art of Stewardship by Greg Mort Collection

In this exhibit, Mort’s passion for environmentalism is combined with his practice as a photorealist oil painter. However, the works on view are all giclees on canvas and one on paper, presenting images which have been reproduced for years and are available in many iterations.

This show is not so much about seeing the artist’s technique up close and personal. Rather, it encourages awareness for the foundation established by the Mort Family to encourage good stewardship of the earth and environmental awareness through the arts. In many ways, this exhibit celebrates our role as caretakers of our tiny oasis in space, presenting familiar images of our planet and setting them at a human scale.

In “One World,” our blue planet is the size of a basketball and its colour is reflected on the metal studs of heavy, old doors. It is a tiny orb amongst seashells in “Oceans,” reminding us of the perception that our planet is but a mere speck in the cosmos, like a grain of sand.

Mort’s tableaus are reminiscent of traditional, northern European paintings, called nature morte in French, literally dead nature, and a connection to the artist’s surname is so obvious one must make note of the irony.

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Serlachius Museum Presents Greg Mort by Greg Mort Collection


The Starry Skies of Art is the first review in Finland at the Serlachius Museum in which the distant cosmos is brought closer, both in old realistic depictions and in recent works of contemporary art.     

The sky and its phenomena can be much more than the dramatic background of landscape paintings. Space, stars and the entire universe may be an integral part of the symbolism, theme and narrative of a work.

Art and science perceive the same world, but in different ways. In some cases, astronomy is an aid to interpreting symbolism, sometimes even a means to determine accurately the time when the artist sketched a painting. Sometimes the artist uses scientific discoveries and means in the service of imagination.

The exhibition Starry Skies of Art presents both Finnish and foreign works. Works of traditional art and fascinating contemporary art are included. Some of the works are being exhibited in Finland for the first time. Among them are works by American artist Greg Mort including his "ZERO - G Apples" that was exhibited aboard the International Space Station in the First Art Exhibition in Space. The exhibition gives a new perspective on art history and at the same time establishes connections to views of the universe that humankind has held at different times in the past.

The exhibition is curated by Helena Sederholm, Professor of Art Education at Aalto University, and Markus Hotakainen, a science writer, who have for a long time worked to combine art and science. They have published many articles on the theme in books, magazines and newspapers, and have given lectures at a number of conferences.

The Starry Skies of Art exhibition runs at Serlachius Museum Gösta until 8 January 2017.