Greg Mort 

Greg Mort

Greg Mort is considered one of America’s foremost contemporary painters and a preeminent influence on art in the twenty first century. Hisunmistakably contemporary creations have the classic feel of the Dutch Masters but are juxtaposed with startlingly modern designs. They are included in many prominent collections including the Smithsonian, Corcoran Gallery of Art, Delaware Art Museum, Academy Art Museum, Portland Museum of Art, and Bradywine River Museum.

Greg Mort ~ Digital Resume

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Greg Mort Editions

Greg Mort Collection

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Greg Mort at the Carla Massoni Gallery

Greg Mort at the Somerville Manning Gallery


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Greg Mort on Bill Green's Maine

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American Trompe L'Oeil Exhibition Catalogue

 T_h_e_ _S_p_a_c_e_ _B_e_t_w_e_e_n_ _– _S_y_m_p_o_s_i_u_m_ _– _A_r_t_/_S_c_i_e_n_c_e_ _

The Art of Greg Mort: Selections from the Hickman Bequest II

The ACADEMY Magazine Spring 2013 Page 7

NASA/ART 50Years of Exploration

GIFTS OF ART Greg Mort's Watercolor and Study

join Permanent Collection Page 9

Selected Museum Collections

Smithsonian American Art Museum                                    Smithsonian Air and Space Museum

Delaware Art Museum                                                      Corcoran Gallery of Art

Academy Art Museum, Easton Maryland                           Portland Museum of Art

Brandywine River Museum                                                University of Padova, Padova, Italy

Farnsworth Museum of Art                                                 North Museum

Sun Cities Art Museum                                                      Mesa Southwest Museum

Montgomery County Public Art Collection                         City of Boston Fine Arts Collection

Parkersburg Art Museum                                                   Sandy Spring Museum

NASA Art Collection, Smithsonian                                     University of Maryland Artists Collection

Cornell University Space Sciences Center                          Lowell Observatory

McDonald Observatory                                                     The Vatican

Goddard Space Flight Center                                            Lawrence University Wriston Art Gallery

Biggs Museum                                                                   Stamford Museum

Henry L. Ferguson Museum                                                 Challenger Center for Science & Space Education

American Visionary Art Museum                                          National Gallery of Art

Art in Embassies US Department of State- The White House, Embassy of Pakistan, Embassy of Netherlands and more

Corporate Collections

Ben and Jerry’s, Covington and Burling, Federal Express, Fisher Controls Corp., Grand National Hotel Lucerne, Switzerland, John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Co., MBNA, Montgomery General Hospital, Time, Inc., Sandy Spring National Bank, Space Port Gallery Kennedy Space Center, Student Loan Marketing Association. Delaney and McKinney, LLP, Wilmer Eye Institute

Private Collections

General & Mrs. William Anders, President & Mrs. Bill Clinton, Dr. Diane Colgan, Mr. Douglas Dillon, Mrs. Edie Dixon, Mr. Umberto Erculiani, Mr. Mel Gibson, Vice President Al Gore, Mr. Arthur Houghton, Ambassador & Mrs. Takakaszu Kuriyama, Ambassador Cynthia P. Schneider, Ambassador & Mrs. Walter F. Mondale, Mr. & Mrs. William E. Readdy, Dr. Carl Sagan, & Ann Druyan, Mr. Robin Williams, Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Wyeth, Mr. & Mrs. James Wyeth.

Solo Exhibitions

2019 Carla Massoni Gallery –LIGHT water + stone  EXHIBITION

2017-18 Somerville Manning Gallery

2017 Carla Massoni Gallery – FULL CIRCLE  EXHIBITION

2015-16 Somerville Manning Gallery TWO ROADS – A Father and Son Exploration

2015 Academy Art Museum THE ART OF GREG MORT Selections from The David Hickman Bequest Part III

2014 Academy Art Museum THE ART OF GREG MORT Selections from The David Hickman Bequest Part II

2013 Somerville Manning Gallery, INTO WHITE –New Works by Greg Mort

        Stanford Museum of Science & Nature NIGHTWATCH THE ART OF GREG MORT

        Academy Art Museum THE ART OF GREG MORT Selections from The David Hickman Bequest Part I

2012 Carla Massoni Gallery, THE SPACE BETWEEN

        Kramer Gallery, HISTORY & OTHER DREAMS

2011 Somerville Manning Gallery, DAY INTO NIGHT 25th ANNIVERSARY EXHIBITION

        Averitt Museum and Arts Center, THE ART OF STEWARDSHIP

2010 Steele Museum and Visitors Center, NIGHTWATCH Inspirations of Art and Astronomy

2009 Portsmouth Museum of Fine Art GREG MORT ~ GIFTS OF THE SEA

        Academy Art Museum, ONE WORLD: THE ART OF GREG MORT

        Somerville Manning Gallery, EXPLORATIONS



2008 Carla Massoni Gallery, STEWARDSHIP

2007 Somerville Manning Gallery, DESTINY

2006 Carla Massoni Gallery, BEYOND REACH

        Grand Hotel National, Lucerne, Switzerland, GREG MORT- NATURAL WONDERS

2005 North Museum, NIGHTWATCH Inspirations of Art and Astronomy Traveling Exhibition

        Somerville Manning Gallery, ANNIVERSARY

2004 Carla Massoni Gallery, PASSAGES

        Sandy Spring Museum, NIGHTWATCH Inspirations of Art and Astronomy Traveling Exhibition

2003 Somerville Manning Gallery, DISCOVERIES

2002 Carla Massoni Gallery, VOYAGERS

2001 Somerville Manning Gallery, QUEST FOR HARMONY

2000 Carla Massoni Gallery, ELEMENTS

1999 Somerville Manning Gallery, GREG MORT NEW WORKS

        Academy of Art Museum, Easton Maryland VISUAL MEMORY

1998 Carla Massoni Gallery, GREG MORT RETROSPECTIVE

1997 Somerville Manning Gallery, JOURNEY IN TIME

        Sandy Spring Museum, APPLEWORKS

        University of Texas, BUILDING A BRIDGE TO THE STARS

1996 Massoni-Sommer Gallery MORT DRAWING REPTOSPECITVE

1995 Somerville Manning Gallery GREG MORT IMAGES

        Franz Bader Gallery, OUTER SPACES

1994 Springfield Art Museum, INSPIRATIONS

        Galleria Prova, Tokyo Japan, GREG MORT AMERICAN ARTIST

        Massoni-Sommer Gallery, SEA OF SPACE

1993 Franz Bader Gallery, GREG MORT WATERCOLORS

        Somerville Manning Gallery, GREG MORT RECENT PAINTINGS

        University of Maryland, INSPIRATIONS

1992 Franz Bader Gallery, GREG MORT NEW WORKS

        Parkersburg Museum of Art, INSPIRATIONS

        Grand National Hotel Gallery, Lucerne, Switzerland, THE WATERCOLORS OF GREG MORT

1991 Somerville Manning Gallery, TAPESTRY

        Franz Bader Gallery, GREG MORT NEW WATERCOLORS

        Sun City Museum of Art, GREG MORT WATERCOLORS

1990 Franz Bader Gallery, GREG MORT PAINTINGS

1989 Somerville Manning Gallery, GREG MORT

        Franz Bader Gallery, GREG MORT NEW WORK

1988 Maryland Academy of Sciences, THE PAINTINGS OF GREG MORT

        Franz Bader Gallery, Washington, DC GREG MORT WATERCOLORS

1987 The Gallery at Greenville (Somerville Manning Gallery) PRESENTING GREG MORT

        Piccadilly Gallery of Memphis, Tennessee

        Franz Bader Gallery, GREG MORT WATERCOLROS

1986 Space Telescope Institute, GREG MORT WATERCOLORS

1984 Anne Reid Art Gallery, GREG MORT NEW PAINTINGS

1983 Dietal Gallery, New York, INTRODUCING GREG MORT

1981 Singer Museum of Art, Lauren, Netherlands, GREG MORT WATERCOLORS

1979 Georgetown P Street Gallery, A CLOSER LOOK

Selected Group Exhibitions

Continuing: Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum – EXPLORING THE PLANETS

               Art in the Embassies –The Hague Netherlands and Islamabad, Pakistan

                McDonald Observatory – BUILDING THE HOBBY-EBERLY TELESCOPE

2018-2019 Carla Massoni Gallery HOLIDAY EXHIBITION

2018-2019 Academy Art Museum @60 Exhibition

2017-18 American Visionary Art Museum THE GREAT MYSTERY SHOW

2017-18 Somerville Manning Gallery – ART ON PAPER NEW YORK 2017

2016 -17 Peabody Essex Museum Salem, MA – LUNAR ATTRACTION

2016 -17 Sealachius Museum, Finland – STARRY SKIES OF ART

2016 Carla Massoni Gallery – GREG MORT SEASONS

2015 EARTHWORK Carla Massoni Gallery

2015 Body // Water Carla Massoni Gallery

2014 Carla Massoni Gallery, CELEBRATE!


2013 Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum HIGH ART – A Decade of Collecting


2012 American Visionary Art Museum, ALL THINGS ROUND

        Carla Massoni Gallery MIDSTREAM II

2012 Gudelsky Gallery, THE ART OF STEWARDSHIP

2011 National Air & Space Museum, NASA/ART 50 YEARS OF EXPLORATION Traveling

       Charles Bank Gallery, CELESTIAL MATTERS

        Academy Art Museum, OUT ON A LIMB Forests and Trees From the Permanent Collection

        Gudelsky Gallery, THE ART OF STEWARDSHIP

2010 Brandywine River Museum, REALITY CHECK Contemporary American Trompe L’oeil

        Somerville Manning Gallery, Trompe L’oeil at the Somerville Manning

        US Artist Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts American Fine Art Show


        Art in the Embassies – United States United Nations Embassy in New York, New York through 2012

        Gudelsky Gallery, THE ART OF STEWARDSHIP

2008 Somerville Manning Gallery, AMERICAN GREEN ART AND STEARDSHIP

        Academy Art Museum, 50th Anniversary Exhibition

2007 Carla Massoni Gallery, THE LANDSCAPE

2005 Carla Massoni Gallery, DISCOVERIES

2003 Carla Massoni Gallery, BEYOND THE IMAGE

        Elan Fine Arts Gallery, WINTER INTO SPRING

2002 Lighthouse Museum of the Arts, VISIONS OF REALISM


        American Embassy in The Hague, Netherlands, ANOTHER SALUTE

2000 The White House, National Historic Trust – SAVING AMERICA’S TREASURES

1998 Gallery by the Sea, PORT CLYDE MASTERS

        Carla Massoni Gallery

1997 Massoni Sommer Gallery

1995 Massoni Sommer Gallery

1994 Somerville Manning Gallery, FOR THE CHILDREN

1993 Delaware Art Museum, THE PRIVATE EYE

        The Portland Museum of Art, SOLSTICE

        Sherry French Gallery, INTRODUCTION

        Gallery One, MOVE IT


1992 Franz Bader Gallery, CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS

        Rockville Arts Place, ANOTHER FREE STATE

        Somerville Manning Gallery, HOLIDAY INVITATIONAL

        Montgomery College, MARYLAND MASTER WATERCOLORS

1991 Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, ART OF THE COSMIC AGE

        Somerville Manning Gallery, TENTH ANNIVERSARY EXHIBITION

        Parkersburg Art Museum, AMERICAN REALISM 91’

        Rockville Arts Place, FREE STATE

        Steven Scott Gallery, CONTEMPORARY STILL LIFES

        Bayview Gallery, INTO THE NIGHT

1990 Somerville Manning Gallery, HOLIDAY INVITATIONAL

        Franz Bader Gallery, NEW SEASON, NEW SPACE

        Steven Scott Gallery, IN THE GARDEN

        Parkersburg Art Museum, AMERICAN REALISM 90’

        Steven Scott Gallery, REFLECTIONS

        Montgomery College, WATERCOLOR INVITATIONAL

        Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, SPACE SHUTTLE ART

1989 Somerville Manning Gallery


         Gallery One, MAINE MASTERS

         Parkersburg Museum of Art, AMERICAN REALISM 89’

1988 Smithsonian American Art Museum, CLOSE FOCUS

        New Haven Arts Center, THE LANDSCAPE

        Somerville Manning Gallery, HOLIDAY INVITATIONAL

1987 Academy Art Museum, Easton Maryland FOWL ORIENTATION

        Kennedy Space Flight Galaxy Center

        City of Baltimore, ARTSCAPE 87’

1986 Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, LOOKING AT EARTH

        Corcoran Gallery of Art, BENEFIT GALA

        Farnsworth Art Museum, ARTIST GREETINGS

1985 Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, FIRE AND ICE

        Corcoran Gallery of Art, BENEFIT GALA

1984 Portland Museum of Art

        Farnsworth Museum of Art

1983 Philadelphia Art Show

1980 Adams Davidson Gallery

1977 Grace Arts Center

1975 North Syracuse Gallery

1971 Munson William Proctor Institute


Honors, Awards and Commissions

2018 Maryland Champion Award

2004 Lowell Observatory Bronze Sculpture Commission

        Longwood Historic Mural Commission

2000 Occidental Portrait Collection

1999 Carl Sagan Award Design Commission



1991 Montgomery County Public Arts Program Commission

1990 Parkersburg Museum of Art American Realism Purchase Award

1989 Parkersburg Museum of Art American Realism Purchase Award

1986 Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, LOOKING AT EARTH, Second Grand Prize

1987 Corcoran Gallery of Art, BEST IN SHOW

1986 Corcoran Gallery of Art, BEST IN SHOW

1977 Grace Arts Center, Best in Show


Media and Publications February 2017

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House & Garden Traditional Home Magazine, 4/89     Down East Magazine, November 1983, July 1982

Art Calendar Magazine, August 1987                       Greg Mort Watercolors 1980

Art World Magazine, January 1986                           Washington Calendar Magazine, April 1979


Professional Affiliations

The Lowell Observatory. Current Board member        Challenger Centers for Science Education

Circle of Blue. Current Board member                      ARCS Foundation

The Macdonald Observatory, Past Board member       Academy Art Museum

George’s River Land Trust, Past Board Member          Sandy Spring Museum

The Art of Stewardship Project, Co-founder and Chair Affairs of the Mind Salon

International Dark Sky Association                            Farnsworth Art Museum

Night Sky Conservation Foundation                           Management Leadership for Tomorrow

American Visionary Art Museum Brandywine River Museum                                                            



Greg Mort

Great Ease 320 Ashton Road Ashton, Maryland  20861   301 774 0157 

Fieldstone Castle 129 Marshall Point Road, Port Clyde, Maine 04855 207 372-8658

Karen Adams Studio Curator to Greg

Greg Mort Raisonne Archive Project