Greg Mort at Carla Massoni Gallery's BODY//WATER Exhibition / by Greg Mort Collection

Greg Mort's artwork will be featured in the Carla Massoni Gallery's BODY//WATER exhibition in Chestertown, Maryland opening Saturday, February 28th.

Widely recognized as a renowned contemporary realist, Greg Mort’s art is included in the Smithsonian American Art Museum, The Delaware Art Museum, the Corcoran Museum of Art, the Portland Art Museum and many more. Mort’s paintings exemplify the fundamental nature of realism in two solid ways: intimate observation of his subject and unequaled technical precision. Clearly, what sets him above the fray is the tension of revelation and inquiry each viewer experiences upon seeing a Greg Mort Painting. Mort’s fascination with the mysteries of nature and astronomy are at once apparent in his strikingly contemporary still lives and nocturnal landscapes surpassing the romantic and venturing into futurity. He portrays the detailed texture of each surface with a precise passion, academic exactitude as well as a sense of awe and wonderment. As the Dutch Masters did Mort meticulously applies watercolor or oil paint layer upon sheer layer creating profoundly elegant works that become monumental, freezing a single moment in time and turning a casual glance into a profound cosmic observation.